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Strange day Mar. 29th, 2004 @ 09:40 am

(Note from player: This particular Malkavian refers to everyone as someone from Alice in Wonderland and places as places from the Lord of the Rings. You have been for warned. –Amber)


Day One: Whee!

Day Two: I like to run!

Day Three: I look good when I run!

Day Four: I also look good standing still. Running across Riddermark v. good excercise. I swear my butt has just gotten firmer. Is that even possible?

Day Six: Is Rabbit staring at my butt?

Day Seven: No wonder he's always lagging behind.

Day Eight: Unnerving moment when bumped into King of Hearts. Thought he might be prettier than me until he took off helmet. Fortunately he looks like an aardvark. He hit on Rabbit but I warned him right off. Nobody tries it on with my white rabbit.

Am still the prettiest.

Day Nine: Pile of dead and smoking human corpses so not pretty. Alice showed off and went on and on regarding humans laying about tied up. Do not know why he thinks kinky human games so important. Humans…..mmmm….yum.

Still prettiest.

Day Ten: Bother! Fangorn Forest. Leaf mold terrible for my complexion.

Still prettiest but a bit on clammy, unwashed side.

Day Eleven: Bumped into The Cheshire Cat who is all sparkly white and purple now. Asked him, "Who do you have to blow to get last bottle of bleach in Middle Earth anyway?" The Cheshire Cat said, "The Caterpillar." So not worth it.

Am rethinking, though. Roots are showing.

Still prettiest although at this rate for how long?

Day Twelve: Asked The Cheshire Cat for Caterpillar’s number. The Cheshire Cat said I couldn't call him. I told him not to be jealous and posessive. He said he wasn't, it was just that he killed Caterpillar last week.

Note to self: never date The Cheshire Cat.

Day Fifteen: Arrived in Edoras. V. upset. Suspect March Hare may be prettier than me.

Not the prettiest! V. bitter.

Day Nineteen: Alice stood up to The Rose today. Alice so butch. Have goosebumps.

Day Twenty: Poke bonnet absolutely hideous. No longer even remotely pretty. Considering suicide.

Day Twenty-seven: Exeunt Alice, pursued by wolves of Isengard. On con side: Am stuck with ugly necklace. On pro side: No longer have to wear poke bonnet. Am pretty again!

Day Twenty-nine: Alice back. Apparently taking header off cliff not as deadly as one would have thought. Told him to throw me down and shag me senseless, but he just clapped me on the shoulder in a manly fashion and said, "Yeah, it can get a little chapped sometimes but just put some lotion on it."

Alice just kind of a wanker, really. NO ONE REJRCTS ME!

Day Twenty-Nine: Battle of Helm's Deep so embarassing. If was not bad enough to face thought of death at the hands of smelly Setites in backwater rural province, have now been saved at zero hour by Queen of Hearts showing up with really bad weave.

On plus side, March Hare stuck in rancid cave. Perhaps will develop cave blight. Then I will be prettiest forever.

Day Thirty: Battle over. The Cheshire Cat always fashionably late it seems. Hopes for after-battle quickie dashed because Alice sulking over postcard from Dormouse. Is jealous over little human pet. Told him Tom will kill Dormouse if he tries anything but Alice not cheered up.

Sod him. Have received suggestive note from King of Hearts. Will go see if what they say about vampires of Riddermark is actually true.

No one has bothered to get March Hare out of cave yet. Still the prettiest by far!

Current Mood: crazycrazy

Silly Mar. 22nd, 2004 @ 09:59 am
Hey all! Welcome to our little community!

I'd like to start by saying that the most recent game of Exalted I played was....ummm...lets just say we decided to stop because we all had about 23 dice to dodge and after we split our die pools for an attack we had enough for 2. Lots of dice, I know. And the fact in 3 months game time my Zenith cast solar would be giveing birth to a Lunar. Don't ask. I think I lost my insanity at that point. I think it sent me a postcard. It was burned to peices in my mail box. And I think it took the PS2 and Sonic Heros too. :( . It did leave a message on AIM though.

painandsmile: I left. I don't know where I am. Do you know where I am? Do you know where you are? Are you lost? Did you find you? I found you. You're there at your computer. But I'm not here. So then I guess I'm over there some where.
Current Mood: sillysilly
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