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Currently in the market for new players, come check us out :)
Format: Chatroom w/ use of forums for extra details
Genre: Vampire : The Masquerade
Name: Chicago by Night
Contact: Questions can be directed to -
staggerlee@chicagobynight.net : Stagger runs the game and is the genius mind behind the forums and the backbone of CbN.
batuthewild@hotmail.com : Xu is the current Story Teller for the game, so if you plan on plotting she would be a good refrence to bounce your plots off.
dew_fallenangel@hotmail.com : Starsha is an apprenticing narrator, feel free to hit any of them up for questions.
Website: www.chicagobynight.net
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Deadline: No deadline, we are always encouraging new players to join our chronicles!

Specific Requirements: Just a character sheet that follows the Masquerade rules, we do perfer new characters but if you have a preexsisting one there's always the possibility of being accepted.
Game Description:
- A Vampire:The Masquerade Chronicle -

Perseverance. If the people of Chicago know one thing, it is an undying tenacity to look hardships in the eye and overcome them.

Ventrue Prince Lodin ruled Chicago for more than a century, and his hand marked every aspect of the city. And it was that very mark, that lead to the violent and devistating tide of destruction by the Garou and Sabbat.

Friedrich Nietzche once said, "that which does not destroy me, makes me strong." But then again, he was not thrust into an environment where one's survival is decided only by their own abilities and those of the enemies they make. Are you strong enough to survive? Do you have the sheer will to endure?

Or will you see it as an opportunity that only happens once in generations - a great city left without vampiric leadership, and remains open to one and all?

Creating a character - (New characters are always welcome) We play by the Whitewolf Vampire : The Masquerade rules, and all characters must have a character sheet or are assumed to be mortal. You can play while your character sheet is pending, just make sure you note such in your tags. We perfer players who are very much into Story line and character development, with the occasional hack and slash session but combat is not our main priority.

You'll find all the tools you need for character creation under the website section on www.chicagobynight.net ( http://chicagobynight.net/site/?p=83 )

You should check out the forums as well and apply for a user account there, and see which clans are available and which are currently full.

We play in the Chicago By Night room located on the www.alterrealm.com server under the vampire section.
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